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We Should Have Meeting Jubilee

Back in the day, kings used to wipe away all debt in a single Jubilee. We should do that with Zoom meetings

'Tis the Season for Standardized Data Science Project Structures

As a holiday present from us to you, please enjoy this cookie cutter project template

R and Python: & ! |

Learn one, learn both. They do different things well

Lessons Learned from Building a Silly Twitter Bot

Why Have Side Projects? Whenever I am asked the best ways to learn data science, I always encourage folks to find a problem to solve …

The Modal Institution of Higher Education

I have enjoyed NPR’s Planet Money podcast for many years. They always have an interesting perspective on matters foreign and domestic; …

Why I’m Starting a Blog

Welcome. I’m so glad you could make it. If I had a dollar for every person whose told me I should start a blog, I wouldn’t have very …