The Modal Institution of Higher Education

I have enjoyed NPR’s Planet Money podcast for many years. They always have an interesting perspective on matters foreign and domestic; macro and micro; trivial and critical. It’s also a space that doesn’t shy away from wonky, data-filled policy debates. A recent episode, The Modal American, talked listeners through a full analytic pipeline including the research question, an explanation of the methodology and the results. Planet Money’s specific research question was whether they could aggregate IPUMS data (Go Gophers!

Why I’m Starting a Blog

Welcome. I’m so glad you could make it. If I had a dollar for every person whose told me I should start a blog, I wouldn’t have very much money. For the sake of conversation, let’s call that value zero. Just because there’s a lack of overt market demand, I went ahead anyway. Here’s why: The intersection of higher education and data science is still relatively underexplored. Colleges and universities have a multi-generational responsibility to society and should be held in the public trust.

Opportunities and Challenges of Predictive Analytics

How Advanced Analytics Can Create a Win-Win for Students and Institutions