CDOs’ Perspectives on the Role of IR in Data Strategy

CDOs and IR can work together to enable campus data strategy. How can we get there together?

Data Science Hangout, Using Data to Influence Institutional Decisions

How colleges and universities use data to advance student, faculty, and staff success

Data Literacy is Data Governance

Data Literacy will help us excel beyond Excel

A Gentle Reminder to Question the Underlying Data

When you get data, it is important to understand how it was collected, what it means, and whether what you are measuring actually matters. This talk will highlight some real world data questions to help you think about the story underneath the data.

American Research Universities. Feature of Bug? A Quick Explainer of the Place You Work

Working in a modern American research university can be a mysterious experiences. This presentation is intended to shed light on the fact that our de-centralized decision-making and shared governance, are features and not bugs.

Mirror, Flashlight, & Roadmap... How Institutions of Higher Education Use Data to Advance Student Outcomes

How Institutions of Higher Education Use Data to Advance Student Outcomes

Data Science as a Flashlight

How Predictive Models Can Guide the Way to Student Success

The Role of Data Science in Higher Ed and What You Can Do at Your Institution

How are you using data to leverage more growth in your institution…and how can you do it better?

Content Optimization with Multi-Arm Bandits & How to Title Presentations

Multi-arm bandits and content optimization

Opportunities and Challenges of Predictive Analytics

How Advanced Analytics Can Create a Win-Win for Students and Institutions